The PhD thesis focuses on developments of contemporary policing – developments involving police work becoming more globally entwined through for instance increasing encounters with foreign nationals, growing international police cooperation and implementation of new technologies.

Specifically, the thesis looks at two special Danish police task forces engaged with policing cross-border crime in and around Copenhagen. Through 900 hours of observation of the task forces’ detectives' daily work, the thesis has documented the many frustrations the detectives have in relation to what they themselves call ‘the problems of globalisation’ – frustrations that at time led the detectives to sarcastically yet with some seriousness proclaim that they might be the last real policemen.

By examining these frustrations, the thesis critically engages with contemporary criminological debates such as issues of xenophobia, an increase in police surveillance as well as the growing fear of transnational crime and terrorism and a subsequent increasing militarisation of the police. In relating these issues to the practices and perceptions of the Danish detectives, the thesis adds empirical and theoretical nuance to issues often approached through generalised policy analyses rather than by appreciating the realities of everyday police work.


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