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Welcome to the Department of Criminology!

Criminology is the scientific study of crime. Its focus is directed at understanding and explaining various aspects of crime and punishment.

Criminologists research the structure and extent of crime, its variations over time and place, and the measures that may reduce crime and increase levels of public safety. Criminologists also consider why certain types of deviant behaviour are criminalised and lead to penal sanctions.

The Criminology Department offers theoretical and methodological training in criminology through its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. The faculty and researchers at the department are active in the international research community. Areas of expertise of the department include life course criminology, critical criminology, and many more. Read more about research projects at the department or individual researchers.

Interested in visiting us?

The Department of Criminology invites applications from research scholars who wish to participate as visiting academics in the intellectual and social life of the Department.

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