I artikeln Pleasures of policing: An additional analysis of xenophobia analyserar Sausdal danska polisutredares frustrationer i relation till utländska brottsmisstänkta. Via etnografisk data visar Sausdal hur dessa frustrationer och andra negativa åsikter inte bara kan förklaras med kulturell bias eller polispolitik, utan att negativiteten också berör hur utredningar av utländska brottsmisstänkta ofta inte är lika tillfredsställande som till exempel utredningar av danska misstänkta. ‘Utlänningar är mindre kul’ som en polisutredare helt enkelt förklarade det. 

Abstract in English: In police research, dominant explanations of why law enforcers harbour xenophobic attitudes are most often dressed in cultural or political rationalizations. Based on an ethnographic study of Danish police detectives and their noticeable negativity towards foreign suspects, this article offers an additional explanation of xenophobia. It demonstrates how resentments are spurred not only by cultural prejudice or politics but also by the ways in which foreigners complicate quite ordinary yet, from a police perspective, valued work practices. Following this ethnographic observation, the article ultimately constitutes a call for a better grounding of our criminological theories in the wider context of the workday situations and sensibilities of law enforcement.

Artikeln publicerades i Theoretical Criminology.