This dissertation is based on two research projects, both of which are linked to concepts such as exclusion, marginalisation and other related themes. CASE, the project that forms the principal basis for the dissertation, is a comparative study of “social exclusion” in seven European countries whose objective has been to illuminate those situations in people’s lives that involve difficulties and that may or may not have been resolved satisfactorily. The other project, MAX, is a Swedish study of drug abuse and marginalisation whose objective has inter alia been to illustrate the ways in which drug users in different life-situations perceive and interpret these situations.

Using material from these two projects, the dissertation’s overall objective involves improving our understanding of marginalisation by adding to the existing knowledge of living conditions among the more impoverished and vulnerable members of the welfare society, with the focus being directed at their experiences of difficulties, opportunities and resources in relation to areas such as work and their financial situation. This is done in the context of two principal themes which relate to different research questions, but which are nonetheless linked together through their association with themes such as those of living conditions, marginalisation and the welfare state.

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